Print Persuasion

How can your letters, emails and sms impact results? How can they support your face-to- face and phone conversations? This program combines the lessons of plain English, behaviour change and influence to ensure written communication is understood, engaging and aligned to business values and objectives. It provides the framework, mindset and practical skills to apply that same day.

Is It For You?

This course suits individuals and teams who want to improve their business writing skills – for both clarity and the ability to influence.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding others:

  • The four personal styles and needs that people prefer and how they influence behaviour.

Personal style:

  • Recognising our own styles, and tips for communicating with colleagues, family and friends.

Handling conflict:

  • Using personal styles to connect and diffuse conflict.

Format and Duration

Course format is inclusive of facilitator-led discussion, practice activities, group activities and group discussion.
Duration: 4 hours

Tailor Made For Your Team

Your learners are unique. The focus of your training should reflect this.
That’s why the content, duration and delivery format of this program can be tailor-made and is offered for in-house delivery for up to 12 people. We look at your team, their needs and your business objectives.

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