FORE combines research in medicine, psychology and change theory to deliver change across your entire client portfolio, not just the self-motivated.

Offering tools and support for customer behaviour change, the software and techniques are specifically designed for the insurance, disability and employment sectors where we get people back to work with brain science. Our desktop solution is a full web-based software platform which adopts a low friction approach and utilises all three of the components of risk identification, guided conversation and strategy selection. From the platform, sms and email communications can be sent and received, stored and analysed. Tasks related to individual cases are recommended and prioritised, and cases are managed from the earliest possible interventions through to closure.

FORECMS-Mobile Friendly App

FORE is with you when you are on the go.  Our app is accessible right from a smartphone to offer the support to influence behaviour, overcome objections and build capability.


Select the motivational questions that influence behaviour.


Know how to overcome common objections.


Expand skills with tactics that support and designed at your industry.

Research Based Algorithm

FORE’s advanced risk identification and task recommendation algorithm is at the heart of the FORE CMS offering. This algorithm combines lessons-learnt from research, practical case management experience, machine learning, and expertly-curated rule sets to provide useful inputs to your business process in real-time, without waiting for manual third party reviews or guidance. This algorithm is intended to complement and guide internal task prioritisation, ensuring your team gives the most effective and timely progress-moving ‘nudges’ to your clients. Think of the algorithm as another senior case manager, reviewing every case behind the scenes, and giving recommendations through the software.


Allocate resources by identifying the social barriers to change early.


Support your people to influence using phone, email and sms templates.


Strategy selection and activity is driven by a proprietary algorithm and task templates.

FORECMS – Full Product

FORECMS is the ultimate system-based solution for your client behaviour change program. Informed by evidence-based medicine and behavioural science, FORE CMS helps drive business impact and has been designed for use in the insurance and employment sectors. It delivers a positive customer experience, operational efficiency and business outcomes. It supports your people and improves the customer behaviour change experience. Consistent influencing language across multiple channels creates change.


  • •Full web-based software platform.
  • •Ability to be integrated with existing systems.
  • •Risk identification, guided conversation and strategy selection.
  • •SMS and email communications sent and received, stored and analysed.
  • •Tasks recommended and prioritised by customer.