At our core, we are a company that cares about people. What drives every learning solution and supporting tool is people – and providing the skills and confidence to stay competitive in a changing business landscape.

We are the experts in combining research in medicine, psychology and change theory to drive results in insurance, disability and employment sectors. We have practical and extensive medical, corporate and consulting experience. This means that we understand your business goals and learner needs, and care about the result.

We support individuals and teams within insurance, disability, and employment to become the influential leaders and doers that will make our world a better place. We love what we do, and you see the results. You see, the quicker we can show you how to get where you want, the faster you’ll be able to focus on making even bigger contributions that have a lasting impact.

Individuals and businesses from around the world seek out our support, all looking to achieve improved outcomes and greater success. Simply. Quickly. Effortlessly.


Dr Paul pers

Dr Paul Pers has worked in occupational medicine and insurance medicine for the past 30 years. He has consulted to workers compensation and life insurers as well as to large corporations. He was lead consultant in several national claims management business process redesign projects.

He has developed and delivered a wide range of training programs for life insurance and motor accident claims staff in communication techniques. He has broad range medical knowledge of medical disability in worker’s compensation, life insurance and compulsory third party.

Having the right conference speaker is a very important decision. Paul is highly regarded in his field and his talks are accessible to all walks of life.

Dr Clive Hume

Dr Clive Hume has been a general practitioner for over 30 years with specialisation in rural and remote medicine and occupational medicine.

Dr Hume is an accredited permanent impairment assessor who has taken the highly complex AMA5 impairment guide and converted into a simple, easy to use online permanent impairment tool. He is an Independent Medical Advisor for SA Employment Tribunal, and a Department of Aviation Medical Examiner.

Carolyn Mounce

Carolyn has over 25 years experience in business and government. She sees the opportunities from all angles and is passionate about making a difference which shines through. She looks at diverse markets to constantly find new and practical ways to build influencing capability and has taken the latest research and designed a simple approach to build skills that are easy to apply and use daily.

Carolyn is the author of ‘On the Front Foot: Six Simple Steps to RTW’ and is a specialist in the practical use of influence in the workplace. As a trainer and speaker, Carolyn has mastered the ability to turn complicated topics into relevant and memorable moments. Importantly, she jam packs her talks with tactics and strategies that the audience will remember and be motivated to apply immediately.